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Logicmojo - June 11, 2021

Why data structures, algorithms & system design is necessary for interview

Technical roles in some of the tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft is more focused on measuring the knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms

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Logicmojo - June 5, 2021

Why does Software Developer interviews at Tech Giants more focused towards Data Structures and Algorithms

If you are going for an interview with some of the Tech Giants like Amazon, Google, Flipkart etc.

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Logicmojo - June 2, 2021

Algorithm and designing skills can lead to enhance salary 10 folds

Ecommerce organization
(Flipkart,Amazon,WalmartLabs), finance organization(Morgan Stanley, goldman sache) Technology Giants(Google,Facebook,Microsoft) are only looking for algorithmic skills during interview.

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Logicmojo - May 21, 2021

Algorithm Understanding

When interviewer asked system design problems, there main intention is to check the candidates distributed system understanding

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Logicmojo - May 2, 2021

These point should be remember while solving system design interview questions

Be absolutely sure you understand the problem being asked, clarify on the onset rather than assuming anything

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Logicmojo - Aprl 15, 2021

Few More Tips on System Design Interview Questions

Now a days most of the developers have queries regarding system design interview prepration, here are few more tipsand steps while solving problems

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Logicmojo - Aprl 4, 2021

Interview Diificulty level of top tech giants

We're dedicated to providing you the very best Interview preparation course, with an emphasis on providing good service to all our subscribers. One course covers end to end all aspects of the interview preparation program.

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Logicmojo - March 23, 2021

What kind of traffic can load balancers handle

Load balancer administrators create forwarding rules for four main types of traffic

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Logicmojo - March 5, 2021

What do you mean by a good Algorithm?

There can be many algorithms for a particular problem. So, how will you classify an algorithm to be good and others to be bad? Let's understand the properties of a good algorithm:

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Logicmojo - Feb 10, 2021

Algorithm Efficiency

The efficiency of an algorithm is mainly defined by two factors i.e. space and time. A good algorithm is one that is taking less time and less space, but this is not possible all the time.

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