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Experienced Candidate Apply 20% Discount

Cracking the Coding & System Design Interview

Life Time Access Course (250+ Lectures)

1+ to 15 years of work exp. in any domain

Online Program


Experienced Candidate Apply 20% Discount

Cracking the Coding & System Design Interview

Life Time Access Course (250+ Lectures)

1+ to 15 years of work exp. in any domain

Online Program


Freshers Candidate Apply 20% Discount

Cracking the Coding & Placement Interview

Life Time Access Course (240+ Lectures)

Undergraduates, Fresher, 1 Year exp

Online Program


Freshers Candidate Apply 20% Discount

Cracking the Coding & Placement Interview

Life Time Access Course (240+ Lectures)

Undergraduates, Fresher, 1 Year exp

Online Program


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Few reviews from subscribers over Chat, Email, and Linkedin

Few reviews from subscribers over Chat, Email, and Linkedin

Subscribers grab more than 50+ lacs package


Best Course to cover in-depth concepts and problems solving required for Top Tech

Siddharth Pande

I am an old subscriber of Logicmojo. This course helped me multiple times during the interview preparation for companies like Walmart, Oracle, and now Microsoft .

Vinit Singh

Very well-arranged course and its amazing lectures of a thorough explanation of data structures as well as complex system design problems..


250+ Lectures on Data Structure

Algorithms & System Design

This course will make your interview preparation process very easy. It's not about solving every problem of every topic but it's about practicing similar problems to understand the tricks. Once you know the tricks then any problems can be solved easily.

We have 250+ Lectures of All topics of data structure , Algorithms & System Design. Each topic explains from a very basic to advanced level by using multiple examples. More focus is on Tricks,Techniques and implementation than theory.

Assignments & Assignments


We have assignments with every lecture on every topic. After understanding lectures give it a shot to assignments that are based on similar concepts of lectures. Even if you can't able to crack assignments by yourself, we have all assignments in detail discussion with code explanation.

In this course, we teach all techniques of solving algorithms with the help of (Lectures + Assignments) combo.



How about Analyzing every code with step by step execution with diagrams and pointers. Yes! You can analyse by yourself every code line by line.

Visual memory is always better for understanding code. This is a new technique of step by step analyzing code with diagrams, blocks, and pointers. Techniques for analyzing code will help you to complete your interview preparation fast. Learning code flow from this technique will always make you ahead of other aspirants. Try Yourself and see how it Works!!

Doubt clearing


Doubt clearing program by our experts. Every lectures has doubts clearing option where user can ask there doubts related to that lecture. Also, they can include code,voice screen record or screenshot. All queries will answered by our experts.

Main purpose of Interview is to test the candidates coding skills.We provide online editors to practice lectures and assignments in Java/Python Language.



It is also very important to test subscribers progress while preparing for the course. We have online coding tests for specific topics every week in Data Structure & Algorithms. We keep track of your progress during the course preparation program. These Online tests for every topic will brush up coding skills

For every lecture, we provide a complete code solution in your favourite editor in java and python. For assignments you can also practise code in editor

There is a Job referral programs in top product based companies but it has one constraint that you also need to put your efforts and perform in a weekly online coding test.

All the performant subscribers will be eligible for Mock interviews as well as Job referral program.


Level 1

  • Arrays
  • Doubly
  • Binary Tree
  • Binary
    Search Tree
  • N-ary Tree
  • OOPS Basics

Level 2

  • Stack/Queue
  • Hashing/Heap
  • Backtracking
  • Greedy
  • String

Level 3

  • Graph Theory
  • Dynamic

Level 4

  • System Design Problems Discussion
  • Object Oriented Problems Discussion
  • Design Pattern
  • Behaviour Interview Q/A

Level 5

  • Micro-service Architecture
  • Distributed System & Scalable System
  • Multithreading & Synchronization
  • Deployment in Cloud using Docker

High Level Design (HLD) and Low Level Design
(LLD) of Real Time Projects

Most developers struggle with the system design interview, partly because of their lack of experience in developing large-scale systems and partly because of the lack of complete understanding scalable design components This Course is complete guide to master in System Design Interview

System Design

OOPS design


Mock Interview & Job
Assistance HOW IT WORKS



Finish Topics of
the course

This course is divided into multiple topics. Subscribers can finish topics one after another. The preparation sequence of the course and time to accomplished every topic is already shared in the course brochure



Participate in Weekly
Coding Test

We organized an Online weekly coding test for all subscribers of Logicmojo. Every week we have a coding competition on one specific topic of DSA. Every week subscribers learn and practice topics in a coding competition.



Mock Interview &
Resume Guidelines

All top performers will be eligible for Mock Interview and Resume Guidelines by experts as well as they are intelligible for Job referral program for FREE



Job Referral

All performers also eligible for our Job referral program through partnered consultancies and software companies for coding interviews

Students Placements

Frequentlyasked questions

Below are the frequently asked questions from students

  • 1. If you just finished this course only, we guarantee that you can crack the interview of any top organization across the globe.
  • 2. It's a Lifetime access course, so whenever in future you have an interview coming in your carrier just revise topics from our course and nailed the interview
  • 3. We discussed every lecture with complete code line by line explanation
  • 4. There are no prerequisites for this course and is best for someone working in IT/Aspirants preparing for Interview
  • 5. Course content is structured and designed to fulfill the current job requirement and need of IT industry

Please note Data structure, Algorithms and Problem Solving only required for cracking top product companies interview across the globe. After selection in any company, you will eventually use their tools, API's and in-built libraries to develop the products.

So,You need to prepare for coding and system design interviews very smartly. Rather than solving thousands of problems from Leetcode and investing 1+ years of time frame. Prepare from the course, all the concepts & problem-solving techniques and finish your preparation in few months.

Once you are shortlisted in your desired organization, then definitely practice from leetcode, participate in CodeChef, Topcoder & Bootcamp coding tests.

As much you practice it will eventually improve your coding skills.

Just Click on "Enroll Now"for registration. During registration you need to provide a mobile Number then you click on the "Generate Coupon Code" Button and the coupon code will come to the subscriber mobile

Subscribe apply that discount coupon and price of the course will reduce further

2 Months to 2.5 Months

If you just spend 2 hours every day in this course then in 2 to 2.5 months of time frame your preparation of coding and system design interview will be done.

You dont even need to refer to any other resources just finish this course and you are good to go for Top Tech Interviews


Subscribers can access all lectures for lifetime. They can access all lecture any time and any place. Also, subscribers will also get all updates that will come in the future.

Just Click on "Enroll Now" and Subscribe for the course

Users can participate in Online Weekly Code forever but Doubt clearing session will be available for 5 month period

We want candidates should also put their effort into completing the course and participate in the Weekly online coding test. All the performant subscribers in the coding test will be eligible for Mock interviews as well as Job referral program

The weekly coding test is on hackerrank platform with 2 problems and 90 min of time frame.

There is no limit on the number of weekly coding test subscribers who want to attend. Subscribers can attend these weekly coding tests at any time. So, It's advisable they should start participating in the weekly coding test when they feel confident on a particular topic.

Yes, every problem in this course is explained with code and examples. Our main intension is to make the programming skills of our candidates strong. So line by line code explains while solving any problems

We don't put any constraint of the batch system in our course, as soon as aspirant subscribe for the course complete course content will be available

Batch System always restricts aspirants for accessing the complete course. If a student has an interview after a few weeks and he/she want to prepare for advanced topics, then the batch system will not allow accessing the course content

Yes, you can access the complete course in Mobile or Tablet



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Prepare for data structure and system design interview questions to crack the coding interview

Preparation for Cracking the Coding Interview in Top Tech Tech Companies

Logicmojo is an Online coding interview preparation course for Cracking the Coding Interview in Amazon, Microsoft, Google & all FAANG companies. All Tech Giant Companies have 3-4 rounds to test candidate's coding skills. In this course we teach the aspirants from very basic to complete advance for cracking the coding interview in product companies, also we support Python & Java languages. Although Data Structure, Algorithms are considered to be independent of languages. Using any language you can implement your code.

Every Language has different features & properties but globally mostly developers prefer Java, Python, or C++ for problem-solving. So you can prepare and Cracking the coding interview by using Python/java.

This is an end-to-end Coding Interview preparation course where along with Data structure, Algorithms & problem Solving, we cover System Design interviews preparation & Distributed Components also

Just watching lectures is not enough you need to practice every problem in our supported editor and try to pass all test cases. If you get stuck while solving any problem please refer code explanation for help or ask any doubts with our team of experts. Cracking the coding interview in Amazon, Google or any FAANG company requires lots of practice.

Is this course also content Data Structure Interview Questions asked in Top Tech Companies ?

We have two courses one for freshers and the other for experienced candidates. It has data structure interview questions for experienced as well as data structure interview questions for freshers. These data structure interview questions for freshers as well as experienced mostly repeated problems in product companies interviews. No need to break your head with a huge set of contents Online. You can master the coding interview preparation for data structures + algorithms problems within 2-3 months. We explain all data structure interview questions in java & Python languages.

We start from an array and then step by step move to advanced topics like Graph & DP. Gradually, you become a master in the coding interview by learning data structures + algorithms problem-solving techniques. Usually, DSA is independent of languages but in this course, we teach code explanation of all data structure interview questions in java and Python

System design interview questions are mandatory to prepare for experienced candidates

Yes, it is mandatory. If you have more than 1 year of experience in the industry. System design interview questions must be there in at least one round of interviews. System design interview preparation requires a deep understanding of distributed components as well as oops concepts. In this course, we cover end to end all aspects of System Design problems from basic to complete advanced with 40+ system design interview questions collection asked in FAANG companies